Investment Committee Video Discussion: What could 2022 mean for 2023 market performance?

If we could summarize 2022’s market performance in one word, it would be “frustrating,” with negative returns across almost all asset classes, from equities to bonds. Inflation, relentless interest-rate hikes by the Fed, and supply chain distortions from the war in Ukraine and the pandemic all led to a perfect storm of uncertainty, volatility, and […]

How Interest Rate Increases in 2022 Could Set the Stage for 2023

In its eighth and final meeting of 2022 this week, the Federal Reserve increased rates by 50 basis points (bps). This deviates from four consecutive hikes of 75 bps thereby showing signs that moderating inflation has boosted confidence that higher interest rates are finally helping to slow global demand. In anticipation of more favorable news, […]

Q4 2022 Economic and Market Update

After investor pessimism reached extreme levels earlier this month and the market fell to a two-year low in intraday trading on October 12, equity sentiment has since reversed and stock markets have rallied rather sharply. At a high level, financial markets discount the future – and a lot of bad news had already been priced […]

Podcast: Could the market make up ground as we head toward year-end?

After an awful start to the year, the market has handled a bevy of bad news over the past few months in a much more encouraging way. Add to that several elements that could be catalysts for further improvement, including the most recent inflation report, and we’re asking ourselves: Could we be seeing the makings […]

What to watch for in November – Will the news calendar set up a possible rally?

Since the market’s recent low on October 12, the S&P 500 has risen more than 8% over the past 13 trading days through yesterday’s close. Even as the Dow Jones Industrial Average secured its best October performance ever (and the best month since 1976) on Monday, the first 10 days of November promise to deliver a […]

Podcast: Rounding the Turn Toward a New Year

As we head into the final quarter of 2022, investors continue to navigate a challenging environment that has seen stocks down 25 percent and bonds dropping 14 percent as the Fed battles inflation and world events remain somber. By any measurement it has been – to paraphrase the title of a popular children’s book – […]

The Power of Diversification

2022 has been a stark reminder that investing is ultimately a difficult exercise, which requires a great deal of patience, emotional objectivity, and discipline to achieve long-term success. And while the barrage of market headlines and day-to-day price swings may leave investors searching for answers, there are a few timeless principles that the JNBA Investment […]

Market Update: Recession Fears, Rising Rates Provoke Market Anxiety

Last week, the Federal Reserve raised interest rates by three-quarters of a percent for the third time since June and telegraphed that it is singularly focused on bringing inflation under control. As the U.S. dollar strengthened to multi-year highs, global stock markets tumbled back toward their June lows. The S&P 500 is currently on course […]

Market Update: Market Sell-Off, as Aggressive Rate Tightening Likely Continues Next Week

Earlier this week, markets slid sharply on interest rate jitters after a less-than-favorable inflation report pushed the S&P 500 lower by 4.3% on Tuesday – the largest daily decline since June 2020. Investors had recently turned more optimistic on the chance for a possible soft economic landing following better-than-expected corporate profits, job growth, and declining […]

Q3 2022 Economic and Market Update

After appearing to form a bottom in mid-June, the market surged higher as investors began to anticipate a slower pace of rate hikes from the Fed as it became more likely the economy would post a second straight quarter of negative economic growth in real terms (adjusted for inflation). While the JNBA Investment Committee believes […]