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How Autumn’s Market Activity Could be Setting the Stage for 2022

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  There was plenty of market turmoil in September, followed by a more positive October. What could that mean for the future? With earnings season wrapping up, David Webb, Director of Investment Management and a leader of our Investment Committee, and Senior Advisor and Investment Strategist John Foster take a look at recent market activity […]

More than a salary: Navigating executive and key employee compensation options

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Whether you work for a public company, a large private company, or a startup, as you advance in your career you may be eligible for several benefits meant to reward key employees. These benefit packages are designed to promote retention and to allow employees to share in a company’s success. While executive compensation packages can […]

Podcast: How has Q3 market activity shaped what may lie ahead?

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  The third quarter of 2021 was one for the record books with historically low interest rates, the first real resurgence of volatility since last fall, and now, after six months of relative calm, bond yields appearing to rise again. In our latest podcast, David Webb, Director of Investment Management and a leader of our […]

Podcast: What’s driving the markets this fall?

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  While fall means cooler weather, back-to-school, and raking leaves, historically it also kicks off a more difficult period for investors. In our latest podcast, David Webb, Director of Investment Management and a leader of our Investment Committee, talks about the markets with Senior Advisor and Investment Strategist Michael Bilotta. They discuss what has been […]

Podcast: What could 5% inflation mean for investors?

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  The Bureau of Labor Statistics announced on June 10 that the rate of inflation over the past year rose 5%, the highest jump since 2008, due in large part to the reopening of the economy. In our latest podcast, recorded the morning the numbers were released, JNBA Chairman and CEO Richard S. Brown talks […]

What Could Possible Tax Law Changes Mean to You?

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    As the new administration hits the 100-day mark, lawmakers are considering multiple changes to the tax code for corporations, individuals, and families that could potentially impact everything from income tax brackets to capital gains tax rates. In our latest podcast, JNBA President Kim Brown talks with Christopher Mastley, an advisor and member of […]

Podcast: How is the American Rescue Plan Act affecting taxes and the markets?

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  A new emergency relief package – the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 – was signed into law on March 11, outlining payments to individuals and funding for federal programs. The law covers an enormous amount of ground, so to help break it down, JNBA has devoted its latest podcast to some of the […]

Podcast: What Could Rising Interest Rates Mean for Planning and Portfolios?

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  While interest rates remain low, the prospect of higher rates brings with it both challenges and opportunities and raises several questions. Is there still time to refinance your mortgage? Does it make sense to move some cash from savings to a potentially higher yielding opportunity? What could higher inflation mean for investments? In our […]

Podcast: Executive Planning Opportunities During Employment Transitions

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  COVID-19 has created a lot of change for many individuals and families. For some, this has meant a change to employment, the role within the company or possibly a change to their compensation package. Executives may be faced with the decision of taking a severance package, an early retirement package or a reduction in […]