Podcast: What could recent market losses mean for the rest of 2022?

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One thing’s for sure when it comes to the markets: We’re not in Kansas anymore. You’re probably not surprised to hear that stocks are having the worst start to a new year since 1939. For perspective, that’s the year “The Wizard of Oz” hit movie screens for the first time, and right now you may be feeling a little like Dorothy did when her house crash-landed on the Yellow Brick Road.

But while April was the worst month for global stocks since the pandemic started in March 2020, what could the volatile start of the year mean for the rest of 2022? In our latest podcast, Director of Investment Management David Webb and Senior Advisors and Investment Strategists Michael Bilotta and John Foster take a look at how rising inflation, interest rate hikes, and a transition to a post-COVID economy could impact stocks and bonds over the long haul and what the JNBA Investment Committee is watching closely.

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