What Could Possible Tax Law Changes Mean to You?

As the new administration hits the 100-day mark, lawmakers are considering multiple changes to the tax code for corporations, individuals, and families that could potentially impact everything from income tax brackets to capital gains tax rates. In our latest podcast, JNBA President Kim Brown talks with Christopher Mastley, an advisor and member of JNBA’s Financial… Read more »

Podcast: What Could Rising Interest Rates Mean for Planning and Portfolios?

While interest rates remain low, the prospect of higher rates brings with it both challenges and opportunities and raises several questions. Is there still time to refinance your mortgage? Does it make sense to move some cash from savings to a potentially higher yielding opportunity? What could higher inflation mean for investments? In our latest… Read more »

Podcast: New-Year Market Update

The new year is less than two weeks old, and it’s already brought with it major and unprecedented news – from the Georgia run-off election to the unrest in Washington, D.C. and the ongoing global pandemic. In our first podcast of 2021, recorded on January 11, JNBA Chairman and CEO Richard S. Brown and Director… Read more »

Podcast: 2020 Markets Review/2021 Preview

From the pandemic to a summer of civil unrest to the contentious election, we’re all keenly aware that 2020 has been a constant barrage of uncertainty and volatility. In our final podcast of the year, JNBA Chairman and CEO Richard Brown and Director of Investment Management David Webb take a look back at how those… Read more »

Podcast: Q3 Market Recap

As we move closer and closer to the November 3 elections, JNBA’s Investment Committee continues to monitor the economic news and market behavior closely. JNBA President Kim Brown and Director of Investment Management David Webb discuss the most notable activity over the past quarter in a new podcast episode recorded on October 7. In the… Read more »

Podcast: Politics and the Pandemic: Fourth Quarter Market Behavior and Opportunities

While presidential elections often create dynamic markets, this year investors are navigating particularly choppy waters as the pandemic adds an unprecedented level of volatility. When you add COVID-19 and the election together, what could that uncertainty mean for portfolios for the rest of the year? JNBA CEO and Chairman Richard S. Brown and Senior Advisor/Investment… Read more »

Podcast: Taxes, the Economy and the Elections

  While every presidential election sparks considerable discussion about what the upcoming tax and economic climate may look like, this year includes an additional level of uncertainty around the COVID-19 pandemic. In our latest podcast episode, JNBA President Kim Brown talks with David Webb, Director of Investment Management and a leader of the firm’s Investment… Read more »

Podcast: History-Making Second Quarter

  While the coronavirus pandemic roller-coaster continues, the markets have seen a significant rebound – in fact, the past 90 days (through the end of June) earned the title “the best quarter since 1998.” What were the events that led to this historic upswing? JNBA Director of Investment Management David Webb and Senior Advisor-Investment Strategist… Read more »