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Navigating Market Trends and Investment Opportunities in 2024

As we reflect on the first quarter of 2024, there are key driving forces behind market movements and how they have impacted diversified portfolios. In our 15-minute podcast facilitated by JNBA Financial Advisors President Kim Brown in which she speaks to John Foster and Mark Rosenkranz, both investment strategists and members of the JNBA Investment […]

Investment Committee Video Discussion: Charting the Financial Course in 2024

Navigating Financial Insights, Emerging Trends, and Market Dynamics on our Video Podcast Series Members of the JNBA Investment Committee unravel the unexpected twists of 2023 and delve into a detailed video discussion about the outlook for 2024. Despite initial gloomy forecasts and concerns, the surge of the S&P 500 and positive economic indicators in 2023 […]

Q3 Market Podcast: Seasonal Trends

This week, the Federal Reserve left interest rates unchanged, which has many hopeful for an economic “soft landing.” Is this possible amongst the recent weaknesses we’ve seen in the last few months? JNBA President Kim Brown sits down with Mark Rosenkranz and John Foster, both members of JNBA’s Investment Committee, to discuss this and more in our […]

Q2 Market Podcast: Feeling Comfortably Uncomfortable

From turmoil with regional banks to bonds and treasury bills providing higher-yield competition for stocks, one way to describe how many investors are feeling right now is “comfortably uncomfortable.” Negative investor sentiment as we started 2023 set the bar relatively low, and both stocks and bonds are performing better than expected. But market volatility continues. […]

Podcast: Market Update: Out of the Woods?

Just over a month into the new year, 2023 has provided investors with some long-sought good news. After a challenging 2022, both equities and bonds are off to a solid start, Europe and China are stimulating the global market, and the Fed may be coming close to the end of its tightening cycle. While this […]

Investment Committee Video Discussion: What could 2022 mean for 2023 market performance?

20230111 computer for video podcast

If we could summarize 2022’s market performance in one word, it would be “frustrating,” with negative returns across almost all asset classes, from equities to bonds. Inflation, relentless interest-rate hikes by the Fed, and supply chain distortions from the war in Ukraine and the pandemic all led to a perfect storm of uncertainty, volatility, and […]

Podcast: Could the market make up ground as we head toward year-end?

After an awful start to the year, the market has handled a bevy of bad news over the past few months in a much more encouraging way. Add to that several elements that could be catalysts for further improvement, including the most recent inflation report, and we’re asking ourselves: Could we be seeing the makings […]

Podcast: Rounding the Turn Toward a New Year

As we head into the final quarter of 2022, investors continue to navigate a challenging environment that has seen stocks down 25 percent and bonds dropping 14 percent as the Fed battles inflation and world events remain somber. By any measurement it has been – to paraphrase the title of a popular children’s book – […]

Podcast: What could the economy’s mixed messages be trying to tell us?

The economy is trying to tell us something, but its messages are mixed. GDP fell in the second quarter, the second straight decline of negative real growth, which many investors have interpreted as a strong recession signal. While the National Bureau of Economic Research considers many different economic variables and hasn’t officially labeled it a […]