Podcast: Could the market make up ground as we head toward year-end?

After an awful start to the year, the market has handled a bevy of bad news over the past few months in a much more encouraging way. Add to that several elements that could be catalysts for further improvement, including the most recent inflation report, and we’re asking ourselves: Could we be seeing the makings […]

Podcast: Rounding the Turn Toward a New Year

As we head into the final quarter of 2022, investors continue to navigate a challenging environment that has seen stocks down 25 percent and bonds dropping 14 percent as the Fed battles inflation and world events remain somber. By any measurement it has been – to paraphrase the title of a popular children’s book – […]

Podcast: What could the economy’s mixed messages be trying to tell us?

The economy is trying to tell us something, but its messages are mixed. GDP fell in the second quarter, the second straight decline of negative real growth, which many investors have interpreted as a strong recession signal. While the National Bureau of Economic Research considers many different economic variables and hasn’t officially labeled it a […]

Podcast: Some Potential Upsides to the Fed’s Recent Rate Hike

(A written transcript of the podcast is available by contacting your JNBA Advisory Team.) The Fed’s interest rate hike last week was the largest in nearly 30 years and resulted in a mixed bag for investors. Fears of inflation have dampened consumer sentiment, which continues to contribute to market volatility. Despite the markets entering bear […]

Podcast: What could recent market losses mean for the rest of 2022?

(A written transcript of the podcast is available by contacting your JNBA Advisory Team.) One thing’s for sure when it comes to the markets: We’re not in Kansas anymore. You’re probably not surprised to hear that stocks are having the worst start to a new year since 1939. For perspective, that’s the year “The Wizard […]

Podcast: Market Update and the Role of Bonds in Portfolios

In the first quarter of 2022, the markets were fairly volatile with rising inflation as well as the first land war in Europe since World War II. Bonds, in particular, experienced their worst quarter in 40 years, although the stable nature of bonds still don’t compare to the volatility of stocks. As these historical events […]

Podcast: How are recent world events impacting the financial markets?

The invasion of Ukraine, rising inflation, and anticipated interest rate increases continue to spark considerable market volatility – but what does a historical perspective tell us about what could happen next? JNBA President Kim Brown and Senior Advisor and Investment Strategist John Foster discuss how global events are impacting the markets right now, and what […]

How Autumn’s Market Activity Could be Setting the Stage for 2022

  There was plenty of market turmoil in September, followed by a more positive October. What could that mean for the future? With earnings season wrapping up, David Webb, Director of Investment Management and a leader of our Investment Committee, and Senior Advisor and Investment Strategist John Foster take a look at recent market activity […]

More than a salary: Navigating executive and key employee compensation options

Whether you work for a public company, a large private company, or a startup, as you advance in your career you may be eligible for several benefits meant to reward key employees. These benefit packages are designed to promote retention and to allow employees to share in a company’s success. While executive compensation packages can […]

Podcast: How has Q3 market activity shaped what may lie ahead?

  The third quarter of 2021 was one for the record books with historically low interest rates, the first real resurgence of volatility since last fall, and now, after six months of relative calm, bond yields appearing to rise again. In our latest podcast, David Webb, Director of Investment Management and a leader of our […]