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Staying Safe Online

A three-part series on cyber security The internet is a high-speed landscape for instant information, day-to-day communication, and modern conveniences. With the click of a button, we are now absorbing world news and events from every corner of the globe. We’re fielding texts and electronic mail from friends and family, as well as brands and […]

Real Estate Transactions in a Divorce

Navigating a divorce can be one of the most challenging times that someone experiences. As part of a divorce settlement, one of the parties involved may wish to keep real estate that the couple owned together, such as the house in which they lived. If the property still has a mortgage, you may wonder how […]

Difficult Conversations: Tips from the Best-Selling Book

Having tough conversations is a part of life. No matter how great you may be at communicating, there are times when the emotional stakes run high, and we can be anxious about the outcome of a discussion. Based on almost thirty years of research, the best-selling book Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss What Matters Most […]

Navigating the Challenges of Having Difficult Conversations

The latest episode of “Navigating Life Transitions” Money and wealth can often bring unforeseen challenges. Whether it’s discussing future inheritances with children, navigating the sale or transition of a family business, or deciding on the legacy you wish to leave behind, numerous conversations await. Financial professionals can assist you in facilitating these discussions and uncover […]

SECURE 2.0 Changes for 2024

At the end of 2022 and early 2023, there was plenty of buzz surrounding the omnibus spending legislation more commonly known as SECURE 2.0, which provided several new opportunities. Many of the opportunities are effective beginning in 2024. Below we have outlined some of the major changes that may impact the individuals and families we […]

Documents to Keep

As spring emerges, it’s not just our homes that could use a thorough cleaning – our financial spaces could benefit from a tidy-up, too. This month, consider dedicating time to organizing and streamlining your financial and tax-related documents. You can start by identifying what financial documents are crucial to retain and which ones you can […]

Tax Season Reminders

As we prepare for the upcoming tax filing season, here are a few reminders: 1099 DELIVERY REMINDERS Most TD Ameritrade and Schwab 1099s should be available online by the end of this month. TAX RETURNS JNBA requests your 2023 tax returns to provide well-rounded and accurate financial planning advice. If you have not previously signed […]

What to Expect when You’re Expecting a New Teen Driver

If you have a new driver in your family, you know how excited they are to (finally) get their driver’s license. While they may feel ready and you may be excited to spend less time chauffeuring, you also may have a mix of emotions including nervousness for them to be on the road and wariness […]

Navigating Getting Married

What you need to know before walking down the aisle Getting married is a time full of excitement, anticipation, and romance. One of the furthest things from your mind might be financial planning, but it’s worth some consideration as you merge your life – and assets – with another’s. This is the topic of discussion […]

Tips for Budgeting Your Travel

Do you enjoy traveling to new places and experiencing different cultures? From adventurous destinations to relaxing hideaways, vacations can be a priority for many. Yet, the expenses – flights, hotels, transportation, activities, and dining – can add up quickly. This is especially true if you are looking to upgrade your travel experience. To help plan […]