Podcast: Taxes, the Economy and the Elections

  While every presidential election sparks considerable discussion about what the upcoming tax and economic climate may look like, this year includes an additional level of uncertainty around the COVID-19 pandemic. In our latest podcast episode, JNBA President Kim Brown talks with David Webb, Director of Investment Management and a leader of the firm’s Investment… Read more »

Executive Corner

To our valued clients, I’m certain we have all seen brighter times than we are currently experiencing, which is why I was intrigued when I found a little book recently called “The Persistence of Yellow: Inspiration for Living Brightly.” It has quickly become one of my favorite reads. This book was written as an inspiration… Read more »

What’s a fee-only financial advisor?

Whether you’ve worked with a financial advisor for years, or you’re just beginning your research in finding an advisor, you’ve likely realized that there are many different terms used to describe financial professionals. From fee-only advisors to brokers, from wealth managers to planners, there’s no shortage of terms and descriptors. Unfortunately, the distinctions between the… Read more »

Executive Corner

I hope you are all staying safe and doing the best you can to navigate these interesting and unprecedented times. So much has changed for all of us so quickly, and for me personally, gaining clarity on what I truly value has been a positive. Simplicity is the theme. It’s not a drastic change but… Read more »

Executive Corner

I think it is fair to say that March 2020 brings a whole new meaning to “March Madness,” specifically with the significant moves we are seeing within the markets. Our goal is always to be as proactive as possible with our communications, especially in environments saturated with health threats like coronavirus, as well as election year… Read more »

2019 Year-End Checklist

The start of the holiday season also marks the beginning of year-end planning at JNBA. Here are a few key planning items to consider prior to the end of 2019. Investment Portfolio Review. The end of the year is a great time to look at your investment and retirement accounts to better understand how they… Read more »