Our Values

What We Stand For

JNBA stands for a higher standard of financial advising. Personal. Trusted. Independent. Comprehensive. Ethical. Transparent. Attentive. Human. We stand against getting paid by anyone other than you. We don’t believe in short-term gains at the expense of long-term goals. And we believe that rather than faceless algorithms making decisions on your behalf, financial advice should come from people who really know you.

Our Core Values

  • Trust Builders
    We guard confidentiality with our life, do what we say we are going to do, ask for help instead of making excuses, hold ourselves accountable, and – as fiercely independent Registered Investment Advisors – always put our client’s interests first.
  • Irreplaceable Partners
    We listen more than we speak, collaborate for the common good instead of going it alone, watch each other’s back, remain calm in a crisis, bring each other up instead of down, and think critically without judgment.
  • Forward Thinkers
    We see the big picture, always think about how things could be better, come to work every day wondering how we can add value, and exhibit a restless curiosity.
  • Results Driven
    We see success entirely through the lens of our clients, work smart as well as hard, avoid short cuts, adapt to new situations, embrace new challenges, and jump in without fear.
  • Good People
    We are compassionate and empathetic, see our clients as people instead of numbers, laugh out loud (especially at ourselves), do the right thing even when no one is looking, and never stop feeling honored to be entrusted with people’s lives.

Our Commitment to Our Community

When your mission is to help people achieve their financial life goals, realize their dreams, and reach their full potential, community involvement comes naturally. And at JNBA, when we get involved, we don’t just go to meetings and write checks. We dig in and get to work. We volunteer. We initiate. We lead. And we strive every day to make a measurable difference in people’s lives.

In the winter, we even Plunge—and in Minnesota, that takes some serious commitment.

As an added bonus, our community involvement informs our ability to help you establish strategies around your own philanthropy. Because we know from experience: The best way to do well is by doing good.


It’s about how we make you feel as a JNBA client.


Share your goals with someone who really listens.