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Windschitl, Megan
Client Account Administrator

Megan Windschitl

Client Account Administrator

While some people balk at navigating unfamiliar situations, Megan Windschitl thrives. After three years in client service as a licensed insurance provider, during which time she worked through fresh challenges every day, her commitment to serving others and seeing how she could do that in a different industry drew her to JNBA.

“Being an advocate means understanding and supporting the client’s best interests and doing so with purpose, passion, and integrity. Advocacy means treating clients like family, creating a clear and concise path to achieving overall goals.”

Since she started supporting JNBA advisory teams as a Client Account Administrator in March 2022, Megan has put her passion and adventurous nature to good use working closely with team members to help JNBA clients. She assists with everything from managing forms to move-money requests and values that everyone at the firm keeps a single, focused goal at the forefront in everything they do: to help clients, whatever it takes.

Megan has a bachelor’s degree in business marketing from Southern New Hampshire University. She and her fiancé live in Maple Grove and enjoy hiking and visiting dog parks with their two-year-old corgi, Wizard.