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A Podcast to Navigate Life's Biggest Challenges, Opportunities, and Decisions.

Our lives are full of changes, challenges, opportunities, and decisions. Wouldn’t it be great to have the guidance of experienced professionals to help you through these twists and turns of life? On this conversation-based podcast, we bring together knowledgeable specialists, including financial advisors, tax professionals, and attorneys, to discuss different considerations when going through transitions like marriage, growing a family, caregiving, retirement, and more. Navigating Life Transitions is easier together.


Retirement is one of life’s biggest transitions. To help you better prepare for and embrace this new chapter of life, JNBA Financial Advisors brought together a few recent retirees and Amy Mullen, president of Money Quotient and an expert on navigating the transition to retirement. During this panel discussion, which was recorded as a special live episode of the Navigating Life Transitions podcast on April 16, 2024, we hear about new learnings and unexpected aspects of the transition to retirement.



Transcript of Podcast available here.

NLT Ep. 10


Whether it's discussing future inheritances with children, preparing for a new marriage, navigating the sale or transition of a family business, or deciding on the legacy you wish to leave behind, difficult conversations are a part of life. In this 23-minute episode, learn how financial professionals can assist you in navigating these discussions.


Transcript of Podcast available here.


Episode 8: NAVIGATING Getting Married

Getting married is a time full of excitement, anticipation, and romance. One of the furthest things from your mind might be financial planning, but it’s worth some consideration as you merge your life – and assets – with another’s. In this 18-minute podcast, host Kim Insley and JNBA Advisors Elise Huston and Chris Mastley talk about the benefits of open and honest conversations before your wedding day.


Transcript of Podcast available here.

Ep. 8 for website


An inheritance of any size can be a significant gift. But it can come with an entanglement of emotions, the involvement of multiple parties, and many other considerations. In this 15-minute episode of “Navigating Life Transitions,” host Kim Insley talks with JNBA Advisors Elise Huston and Luke Traxler about the complexities and emotions of both leaving and receiving an inheritance, and reflect on memorable stories of impactful legacy.


Transcript of Podcast available here.

NLt Luke and Elise2


How do you financially gift to the next generation and beyond? Whether for education or to create financial ease for kids or grandkids, seeing the impact financial gifts have while you’re living can bring meaning and enjoyment to your life. In this 18-minute episode, guests Elise Huston and Christopher Mastley, both Advisors at JNBA, share insights into the strategies behind financial gifting and how they’ve helped individuals and families facilitate.


Transcript of Podcast available here.

NLT Elise and Chris, for NLT page

episode 5: Navigating Charitable Giving

When it comes to charitable giving, there are many ways – both big and small – to make a difference. So, where and how does one begin? In this 18-minute episode, JNBA Advisors, Elise Huston and Nick Scheibel, chat with host Kim Insley about strategies to maximize the opportunity to give, from Qualified Charitable Distributions to Donor Advised Funds, from appreciated stock to volunteering your time.



Transcript of Podcast available here.

NLT Ep. 5


Have you recently found yourself with an "empty nest?" As you launch your children into young adulthood, you might find yourself navigating new feelings and considerations. In this episode of the "Navigating Life Transitions" podcast, host Kim Insley and JNBA team members share some of their personal experiences along with ideas for embracing this new phase of life.


Transcript of Podcast available here.

NLT Ep. 4


You got a promotion! While the shiny new title and accompanying salary bump can mean great things for your bank account, it also opens up a number of other opportunities and considerations. In this episode of Navigating Life Transitions, host Kim Insley talks with two JNBA Financial Advisors and a Certified Public Accountant from one of our strategic partners about what to do if you have recently experienced a significant change in your income.


Transcript of Podcast available here.

FLP podcast 3


How do you want to be remembered? It can be hard to think about, but it’s important, as the answer is unique to each individual. In this 24-minute podcast, host Kim Insley and JNBA Advisors Elise Huston and Patrick Moyneur prompt ideas on how you can leave a lasting legacy.


Transcript of Podcast available here.

FLP podcast 2

Episode 1: How do I know I'm ready to retire?

When are you – and your finances – ready for retirement? In this 21-minute podcast, host Kim Insley talks with three advisors from JNBA Financial Advisors about important factors to consider when laying out your plan for retirement.


Transcript of Podcast available here.

FLP podcast 1

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