As a core member of JNBA’s Advisory Team, Cärin’s passion and first priority is to ensure a superior experience for every JNBA client. With 20 years in client management and relationship development, and 15 plus years in the financial services industry, Cärin leads initiatives designed to deliver knowledgeable advice and personalized service. As a member of the Leadership Team, Cärin also plays an important role in JNBA operations, human resources management, compliance, and strategic planning.

Before joining JNBA in 2006, Cärin owned a boutique consulting business. Prior to that, she worked as an account executive in a large marketing communications firm where she focused on the financial industry. Cärin graduated magna cum laude from the University of St. Thomas with a degree in journalism and minors in business and Spanish.

When not at work, Cärin loves being with her family.  Whether cheering for #46 at a soccer game or watching ”Happy Heart” perform on stage, or taking an evening stroll up the street, any combination of family time together is priceless for Cärin.

To stay involved in the community, Cärin and her family attend community events, including fundraisers or gatherings to support their school and students.  Cärin also volunteers as a preschool children’s choir director.

Favorite quote: “Treat others as you yourself would like to be treated.”