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Investment Committee Video Discussion: Charting the Financial Course in 2024

Navigating Financial Insights, Emerging Trends, and Market Dynamics on our Video Podcast Series Members of the JNBA Investment Committee unravel the unexpected twists of 2023 and delve into a detailed video discussion about the outlook for 2024. Despite initial gloomy forecasts and concerns, the surge of the S&P 500 and positive economic indicators in 2023 […]

Investment Committee Video Discussion: What could 2022 mean for 2023 market performance?

20230111 computer for video podcast

If we could summarize 2022’s market performance in one word, it would be “frustrating,” with negative returns across almost all asset classes, from equities to bonds. Inflation, relentless interest-rate hikes by the Fed, and supply chain distortions from the war in Ukraine and the pandemic all led to a perfect storm of uncertainty, volatility, and […]

How did you fare with your 2021 taxes?

20220427 computer taxes blog

As we wrap-up the 2021 tax season, you may have heard stories from friends or coworkers about an unexpected tax bill. Or maybe you yourself were surprised after meeting with your tax professional. Sometimes there are unavoidable tax events like selling a business, property, or receiving a payout or unexpected bonus from your company. Oftentimes […]

Video Discussion: What Could 2021 Key Market Events Mean for 2022?

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2021 was a unique year, to say the least. While we collectively experienced a change in leadership, the pandemic pressed on, and millions left the workforce, investors faced everything from double-digit S&P gains to rampant inflation and record-low interest rates. What might 2022 bring? In our latest video discussion, JNBA Chairman and CEO Richard S. […]

Video Discussion: 2021 Mid-Year Market Update

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 As we round the corner into the last half of 2021, we’re taking a look back at how the markets and global economy fared in the first and second quarters and what that could mean for the rest of the year. In our latest video discussion, JNBA Chairman and CEO Richard S. Brown talks […]

Video Discussion: Q1 2021 Market Update

20210416 video podcast

When it comes to the markets, what a difference a year makes. Thankfully, the first quarter of 2021 looked quite different from much of 2020, when the pandemic threw curveball after curveball at investors. In our latest video discussion, JNBA Chairman and CEO Richard Brown sits down with three senior members of the firm’s Investment […]