A successful retirement strategy begins and ends with education.

Other advisors might treat your 401(k) like a commodity offering they can pull off a shelf. We don’t.

At JNBA, we believe that a retirement plan is more than just numbers in a portfolio. It should be a comprehensive strategy designed to benefit both you and your employees. That’s why we deliver a higher standard of service on five vital aspects of your retirement plan: Investment Management, Fiduciary Responsibility, Plan Design, Employee Education, and Service.

Results are the bottom line. But at JNBA, we believe that the best way to achieve them is to dedicate ourselves to the needs of your employees. That’s why we raise the bar by offering ongoing retirement planning education. That’s why we go out of our way to customize a plan to your company and your employees. That’s why we always design plans with the long view in mind. And that’s why we’re able to deliver a higher standard in helping you and your employees reach your retirement goals.

The Defined Contribution Service Solution

With JNBA, fiduciary services, a qualified retirement program provides independent industry-leading service grounded in an advice driven by advocacy® approach that started over 40 years ago. We do that by offering:

Open Investment Platform

  • Independent investment choices within the plan (not tied to any company, fund, or product)
  • Active selection and monitoring of investments to achieve diversity and asset allocation goals for plan participants
  • Experienced, independent third-party administration referrals

Fee Transparency

  • Fee structure that is transparent, reasonable, fair, and readily determinable

Employee Education

  • Educational seminars customized to meet the needs of employees at every level. Topics can include retirement planning, asset allocation and diversification basics, value of participation, insurance (e.g., life, long-term care), and estate planning
  • On-site advisor day(s) that includes a JNBA financial advisor and outside professional as appropriate (e.g., tax, estate & legacy, risk management)
  • Quarterly market updates

Enhanced Company Culture

  • Increased level of employee participation, satisfaction, and knowledge
  • Better employee retirement outcomes through an independent, advice-driven program