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April 13, 2023

Consistency Personified: JNBA Financial Advisors CEO Richard S. Brown Named to Barron’s List of the Country’s Top 1,200 Advisors for 14th Consecutive Year

Cärin Viertel, Director of Client Services

Our firm values consistency and that focused, dedicated approach is a major reason we’ve been around for nearly 45 years.

When 19th century United Kingdom Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli famously said “The secret of success is consistency of purpose,” JNBA was still a century away from inception. But we’ve embraced a similar philosophy since we started in the 1970s, and our firm’s consistency as a top financial advisor who puts clients’ best interests first continues to drive our advice driven by advocacy® approach, multigenerational growth, and success.

That’s never been more apparent than with our year-after-year recognition by one of the top financial organizations in the country: Recently, for the 14th consecutive year, Barron’s ranked JNBA CEO Richard S. Brown to its list of the 1,200 top advisors in the United States. Richard and JNBA also were recognized as one of the top two advisors in Minnesota and the top fee-only advisor on the state list. In addition, in September 2022, Richard once again made Barron’s list of the country’s top 100 independent advisors, ranked as the top independent advisor in Minnesota.

As we close in on 45 years as one of the country’s top independent financial advisors, it’s clear that our consistency – both of purpose and our team’s commitment to the clients we serve – has been a major factor in our firm’s success. And particularly during what may have been one of the most volatile and uncertain periods in many of our lifetimes, we have had the honor to walk alongside our clients  providing stable counsel, disciplined process, and share our passion to help guide people through life’s most important decisions.

According to Barron’s, the rankings are based on the quality of the advisors’ practices, assets under management, and revenues generated by advisors for their firms. The rankings can be found in the March 13 issue of Barron’s Magazine and on

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