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20220104 Upsize Mag
January 4, 2022

Planning for the future: Upsize Magazine features JNBA’s Elise Huston

Cärin Viertel, Director of Client Services

As we enter the new year, the pandemic continues to have many investors and business owners taking stock of where they are and where they want to be. JNBA Financial Advisors’ Advisory Services Manager Elise Huston discusses the shift in planning for the future in the latest issue of Upsize Magazine.

In the article, Elise talks about how the pandemic has prompted many people to get their financial house in order. Small business owners are making sure to keep both their personal and business financial situations front and center as they plan for the future. And employees are considering all the options, as well. While some are now looking to retire as soon as possible, others with flexible work schedules are willing to stay in the workforce longer. Regardless, Elise says people are trying to “make sure they have things buttoned up and in place and that they’ve taken a good look at all the different areas of their financial life.”

Thank you for the opportunity, Upsize!

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