Helping Nonprofits Meet Their Long-Term Philanthropic Goals

What started as a natural extension of the JNBA offering, endowments and foundations have become a core focus of our overall service solutions.

Understanding that nonprofits have traditionally been underserved and underappreciated by larger brokerage houses, JNBA has established a disciplined investment process and customized solutions that can result in better risk-adjusted returns for your organizations.

JNBA will be your professional partner that can help you fulfill your goals and fiduciary responsibilities through prudent investment management of funds, while increasing your probability of success at critical levels, including:

  • For Staff: Making your lives easier by assisting with administrative responsibilities, facilitating gifts, account tracking, and board meeting facilitation.
  • For Donors: Ensuring the intended purpose of their contributions are maximized.
  • For Board/Committee Members: Peace of mind knowing that fiduciary requirements are upheld, while providing tools to assist in making informed decisions.

All of which is designed to enable you to do what you do best — focus on the critical mission of your endowment or foundation and help make lives better.