Individuals & Families

Financial Advocacy at Every Stage

Whether you’re a young professional accumulating assets, a family managing complex tax and estate strategies, or a couple nearing retirement, JNBA provides Personal Wealth Management Services that help you build and protect your wealth—and feel good about how you’re doing it.

For over 40 years, individuals and families have come to JNBA from vastly different backgrounds, professions, and life stages. But, they have a few things in common:

  • They expect a higher standard of wealth management.
  • They’re focused on achieving results that will help them meet their unique financial life goals.
  • They seek a personal trusted advocate who will spend the time to understand their goals and values, always take the long view, and act as a conscientious steward of their hard-earned assets.

We believe that every individual and family deserves customized financial life strategies to help ensure personal success and enjoyment at every life stage. 

Kim Brown – President
JNBA Financial Advisors

No matter if you are focused on building your career, managing the complexities of work and family, or have reached financial independence, JNBA can be your advocate, advisor, and long-term partner. While every person, couple, or family has distinct experiences, plans, goals, challenges, and opportunities, the majority of our clients are living within one of these three stages – and the JNBA Team is right there beside them, helping to navigate everything life throws their way.

Life Stage Focus:
Career Building

• Strategizing your tax payments for efficiency
• Saving for your kids’ education
• Home renovations
• Maxing out your 401(k)

While you continue to put in the hours at a demanding job, you’re likely facing big decisions about what your future will look like — Do you want to grow your family? Is it time to move into a bigger house or remodel? Should you pay off more of your mortgage? You find yourself on solid financial footing, but you want to be sure you’re doing everything you can to make your money work as hard as possible for you and your growing family.

You find yourself with less and less time, but your to-do list keeps growing. As your kids approach high school and college and/or your parents age, spending quality time together with loved ones has never felt quite so important, but the demands of a high-pressure job and full schedules often feel like they get in the way. You’re ready and willing to invest in professional partnerships that save you time and set you and your family up for success.

Life Stage Focus:
Balancing Abundance

• Paying off your mortgage
• Saving for a second home
• Targeting an early retirement
• Sending your kids to college
• Managing your family’s hectic schedule

Life Stage Focus:
Financial Independence

• Maximizing tax planning strategies
• Spending winters away (“snowbirding”)
• Giving back to causes most important to you
• Wealth allocation within the family

You find yourself rapidly approaching retirement, or maybe you recently arrived at its doorstep. When it comes to ensuring a secure financial future, you’re asking yourself, “Am I missing anything?” These are the important decisions that will help ensure a stress-free transition into this new phase. You’ve spent the majority of your life working hard and acquiring your wealth and are now ready to enjoy freedoms and new choices you get to make with your time and money.


It’s about how we make you feel as a JNBA client.


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