Mid-Year Market Outlook

Key Takeaways It will likely take some time before the economy fully heals itself, with debt levels remaining high. The market appears to be currently priced for perfection and is focused on improvements, not challenges. Through ongoing stimulus, the government is keeping this economy – and market – afloat. With the likelihood of ongoing volatility,… Read more »

Podcast: History-Making Second Quarter

  While the coronavirus pandemic roller-coaster continues, the markets have seen a significant rebound – in fact, the past 90 days (through the end of June) earned the title “the best quarter since 1998.” What were the events that led to this historic upswing? JNBA Director of Investment Management David Webb and Senior Advisor-Investment Strategist… Read more »

Inflection Point for the Markets and Economy?

Last Friday’s employment report was a true shocker by showing a gain of 2.5M jobs (estimates were for 7M losses), which may have revealed that our nation has reached an important inflection point much sooner than anticipated. Following the incredibly strong labor report, the S&P 500 officially had clawed back all its year-to-date losses on… Read more »

What’s a fee-only financial advisor?

Whether you’ve worked with a financial advisor for years, or you’re just beginning your research in finding an advisor, you’ve likely realized that there are many different terms used to describe financial professionals. From fee-only advisors to brokers, from wealth managers to planners, there’s no shortage of terms and descriptors. Unfortunately, the distinctions between the… Read more »

Tax Strategies for Charitable Giving

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to play out, it may be a good time to reassess your charitable giving plan to ensure you’re making the most of the recent changes to tax laws as you support the causes and organizations that are important to you. In the past, many taxpayers benefitted from deducting state and… Read more »

Economic & Market Update

After nearly 11 years, the historic bull market that emerged from the ashes of the last financial crisis abruptly ended in February as the coronavirus took root in developed markets. Since then, the global pandemic has not only upended life for many households – as economic activity was put on pause – but also has… Read more »

Executive Corner

I hope you are all staying safe and doing the best you can to navigate these interesting and unprecedented times. So much has changed for all of us so quickly, and for me personally, gaining clarity on what I truly value has been a positive. Simplicity is the theme. It’s not a drastic change but… Read more »