Open Enrollment – Benefits Reminder

For many working individuals, open enrollment season is here again, and that provides opportunity to confirm and enhance your benefit elections for the coming year. If you experienced life changes or transitions in 2020 (e.g., getting married) or if you are planning for a big event in 2021 (e.g., having a baby), it is especially… Read more »

The Pending Election and the Market

As expected, this presidential race has come down to the wire and is much tighter than pre-election polling suggested. Due to record voter participation, combined with the strength of mail-in voting due to concerns over social crowding at polling sites, the tabulation of all votes will continue through this week. While more likely will be… Read more »

Podcast: Q3 Market Recap

As we move closer and closer to the November 3 elections, JNBA’s Investment Committee continues to monitor the economic news and market behavior closely. JNBA President Kim Brown and Director of Investment Management David Webb discuss the most notable activity over the past quarter in a new podcast episode recorded on October 7. In the… Read more »

Podcast: Politics and the Pandemic: Fourth Quarter Market Behavior and Opportunities

While presidential elections often create dynamic markets, this year investors are navigating particularly choppy waters as the pandemic adds an unprecedented level of volatility. When you add COVID-19 and the election together, what could that uncertainty mean for portfolios for the rest of the year? JNBA CEO and Chairman Richard S. Brown and Senior Advisor/Investment… Read more »