The Importance of Estate Planning

First Prince, now Aretha. Two high-profile yet typically private celebrities who failed to establish estate plans before their deaths place emphasis on an extremely important element of comprehensive financial planning. Why is having an estate plan so important? Here are a couple key reasons: Orderly transfer of assets. Creating an estate plan prompts directives for… Read more »

A Key Factor in Providing Financial Advice

Financial advisors deliver financial advice – it’s a simple concept at the core of our industry. But what factors and motivations are driving that advice? Typically, the answer varies from financial advisor to financial advisor. I’ve been thinking about that question quite a bit lately, and for JNBA, the answer is clear: advocacy. Our financial… Read more »

Financial Planning Before Transitioning Careers

Changing careers and the financial preparations beforehand can be complex, no matter if planned or unexpected. JNBA can help guide you on a number of key activities during the career transition process, organized by the six core areas of financial planning: financial position, retirement planning, investment planning, risk management, estate planning, and tax planning. If you’re… Read more »

2018 Mid-Year Market Update

Be sure to check out our latest video where John Foster, Senior Advisor and Member of JNBA’s Investment Committee, explains key drivers in our market outlook for the balance of 2018. Included are perspectives on yield curves, interest rates, manufacturing momentum, earning expectations, and the seasonality of mid-term election years. Be sure to reach out… Read more »

Correlation and the Benefits of Diversification

Correlation is generally defined in the investment world as a statistic that measures the degree to which assets change in value relative to one another. However, diversification is a methodology practiced to reduce risk within a portfolio by combining assets (or investments) that have low correlations amongst themselves, thereby providing higher expected risk adjusted returns.… Read more »

JNBA Financial Advisors Named to Financial Times 300 Top Registered Investment Advisers List

National listing recognizes JNBA’s leadership as an independent firm for fourth year MINNEAPOLIS (June 28, 2018) — Independence has been one of JNBA Financial Advisors’ defining characteristics since its founding nearly 40 years ago, and now, the firm is being recognized once again for its leadership as one of the top independent registered investment advisors… Read more »

Estate Planning

Estate Planning: Common-Sense Preparation Few of us want to think about end-of-life decisions while we are still living healthy lives, but it’s essential to put an estate plan in place to ensure your personal wishes are honored in the event you are unable to give direction. If you pass away without having proper estate planning… Read more »

Applying for Social Security

Are you ready to apply for Social Security? Did you know that according to the Social Security Administration, more than 9 out of 10 individuals age 65 and older receive Social Security benefits? There are some steps to take before taking those benefits, however. Before taking Social Security benefits you’ll need to obtain your Social… Read more »