Executive Corner

Finally, signs of spring! I think that was the feeling many of us had as the grass started to become green, the tree buds bloomed and the tulips and daffodils added their magic touch creating an almost perfect transition from a very long year. Living in a modern day pandemic has not been easy, and… Read more »

Q2 2021 Economic and Market Update

Given the combination of widespread vaccine availability, loosening of business restrictions, ultra-low interest rates, and massive government stimulus, the U.S. economy has fundamentally roared back to pre-pandemic levels and has stoked investor optimism across a variety of asset classes. Global stock markets have surged this year and remain close to all-time highs even as some… Read more »

Ways to Give Charitably

When working with clients to help facilitate their charitable giving, questions usually fall into two broad categories: 1) How do I make sure that my giving is having the impact I want it to? and 2) How do I make sure I am receiving the maximum tax benefits for my giving? These are very different… Read more »

Self-Employed Retirement Savings Options

Self-employed individuals inherently make a lot of decisions on a daily basis. One decision that can seem daunting but should not be overlooked is what type of retirement plan to utilize. As a self-employed individual, saving for retirement can be difficult. Lack of a steady income, higher health care costs, and everyday costs of running… Read more »

Should you invest or pay down debt?

At one point or another we’ve likely all heard that money doesn’t grow on trees. While a bit of a cliché, this colorful expression does hold some truth and succinctly describes the finite nature of our financial resources. Financial planning, for all of its complexities, is more or less concerned with maximizing the limited dollars… Read more »

Considerations for buying a second home

Buying a second home can be an alluring prospect. Before you decide to purchase one, there are several items to consider. These include the costs associated with owning a second home, the attributes of the home, its rental potential (if you plan to rent it out when you are not using the property), and the income… Read more »

5 Things to Consider When Hiring a Financial Advisor

When you’re considering working with a financial advisor, it’s no secret that it’s critical to partner with someone who’s aligned with your values and priorities. But how do you ensure you find an advisor who’s just the right fit? Authority Magazine recently interviewed JNBA President, Kim Brown, about the most important questions to ask when… Read more »

What Could Possible Tax Law Changes Mean to You?

As the new administration hits the 100-day mark, lawmakers are considering multiple changes to the tax code for corporations, individuals, and families that could potentially impact everything from income tax brackets to capital gains tax rates. In our latest podcast, JNBA President Kim Brown talks with Christopher Mastley, an advisor and member of JNBA’s Financial… Read more »