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Exec. Corner.
March 2, 2021

Executive Corner

Kim Brown, President

I’m guessing one question each of you have asked yourself or have been asked by someone you know is, “Do you think things will ever be the same?”

I’ve read that change is inevitable but growth is optional. That has always felt true to me. I think that’s why I personally define both change and growth together as transition. It feels more comfortable because transitions are a natural part of life. With all its peaks and valleys, challenges and opportunities, life is simply a platform for us to become experienced and comfortable transitioners so that we can truly enjoy the journey.

One of the privileges of serving as your financial advisory team and advocate is the opportunity to be a resource in helping you think through the important choices and decisions that need to be made as you start to create a plan to successfully navigate some of your and your family’s major life transitions. The planning process is always fluid because sometimes transitions are unexpected and not always welcome. We will be there to support and guide you through those as well.

That’s what I’ve been thinking about as I anticipate the future. Although the expectation I have may be different than I had originally envisioned, it is something to look forward to with the belief that most of it will be bright. And, the parts that aren’t will be managed to the best of my ability and with the support of those I count on to lift me up, guide me with their wisdom and experience, and just be there for me.

In January we had our first 2021 JNBA team meeting, and the theme was “staying in the game.”

What if you don’t focus only on winning or losing, but on staying in the game, especially during these uncertain times?

Don’t get me wrong, I love winning and can sometimes be a sore loser because I don’t like it much. But staying in the game, on top of your game, is an intention every one of our team members has embraced. You can count on us day in and day out to continue to be your trusted resource and advocate – the one that will be there through thick and thin. The one that will be by your side to help you successfully navigate all that comes your way and all that you want to achieve as you live out your dreams in the tremendous gift of life.

Soon winter will shift to spring – the snowflakes will become warm rain drops that wash away the snow, and dirt and the frozen ground will become a beautiful carpet of color with growing grass, blooming trees, and sprouting flowers. The sun will be shining bright, and the air will smell fresh. It will be an extraordinary and welcomed transition, especially this year.

Thank you for the continued trust you place in our team. We are grateful.

Have a beautiful spring.

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