Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

With its breathtaking volatility and blitzkrieg media coverage, Bitcoin has quickened the pulse of many investors over the last few months. After nearly doubling over a period of three weeks between December and early January to more than $40,000 per unit, it then proceeded to lose nearly a quarter of its value just as fast, […]

Executive Corner

I’m guessing one question each of you have asked yourself or have been asked by someone you know is, “Do you think things will ever be the same?” I’ve read that change is inevitable but growth is optional. That has always felt true to me. I think that’s why I personally define both change and […]

Q1 2021 Economic and Market Update

While global growth has somewhat subsided since the end of the year, the U.S. economy’s recovery remains on track, and expectations for another large U.S. spending bill have stoked anticipation for a strong rebound, lifting markets close to record levels. Importantly, corporate profit reports are coming in stronger than expected, and a second half economic […]

Five JNBA Team Members Receive 2021 Five Star Wealth Manager Award

As we turn the page to 2021, we’re happy to begin the new year with some good news: Five of JNBA’s senior advisory team members have received the 2021 Five Star Wealth Manager award for their advocacy to clients, colleagues, and community. The JNBA advisors who received the award include: Richard S. Brown, Chairman & […]

Tax Season Reminders

Updated April 1, 2021 in response to additional IRS guidance As we prepare for the upcoming tax season here are a few reminders. 1099 Delivery Reminders All TD Ameritrade 1099s should be available online. Realized gain/loss (cost basis) and IRA distribution details are included on your 1099 tax documents coming directly from TD Ameritrade. Please […]