Executive Corner

I’ve been thinking a lot about the gardeners in my life. And how grateful I am for them. I’ve also been thinking a lot about the qualities one must possess in order to be a gardener in someone else’s life, or even the lives of many. I know for certain it involves kindness, an irreplaceable quality that lies within us and has the power to be life-changing in big and small ways.

The quality of kindness. That’s what I’m thankful for this holiday season. None of us get to where we are going in life alone. It’s the people that we encounter on our journey that we can be grateful for.

In some cases, not all of them are good, some of them are downright unexpected, but thankfully many of them are gardeners. Those kind, selfless, optimistic, supportive, funny, creative, committed, and caring people who water us, believe in us, nurture us, and give us courage to grow.

They leave us with a sense of joy and gratitude. And they teach us about the priceless gifts inside of us that when shared make happiness grow.

This holiday season with heart and hand, all of us at JNBA are going to try to do more gardening. To share our priceless gifts and watch happiness grow. We hope you’ll join us.

Wishing all of you, our valued and irreplaceable clients and partners, a healthy, blessed, and joyful holiday season. You have been the gardeners on our journey these past 40 years and we will be forever grateful. Thank you. We are so looking forward to the next 40.




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