Executive Corner

There is a lot to be said about the benefit of setting a goal. Who hasn’t made a mental note to exercise a little more, get a bit more sleep, or be more present in your day for loved ones? I know I have! What often times gets overlooked is that those three mental notes, or in my case my smaller goals, are truly a part of a bigger picture, an objective that when achieved helps me live my best self as a leader, wife, mom, daughter, grandmother, and friend. Besides, if you cannot envision where you are going or what you are trying to achieve, how can you possibly experience satisfaction, joy, or be motivated to try a little harder or even take another approach altogether?

One of the greatest gifts and reasons that our team comes to work everyday is an understanding and shared belief that it truly is a privilege to be a part of helping you achieve your bigger picture objectives. I have witnessed first-hand team members and clients celebrating as they walk out of one of our conference rooms after a meeting that I know contained pretty tough conversations around life planning topics, including what-if estate planning scenarios. I have also seen unwavering determination by our team to help ensure a client’s desired goals of giving to their children, other loved ones, or their cherished charity are implemented and celebrated today. And, I have seen team members feel personally defeated when one of you experiences an unimaginable life challenge that changes what your big picture is supposed to look like. We go deep, because we care deeply.

As your personal financial advocates, you entrust us with your life objectives and vision of your future. We do not take that lightly. Our role is to help you define and execute each step towards achieving your bigger picture, and maybe redefining it as life happens. As we continue to celebrate JNBA’s 40th year, thank you for allowing us to help you shape those steps along the way so that you (and we) can live more meaningful and purposeful lives.



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