5 Tips: The Art of Negotiating-Tip #5: Don’t Fall in Love.

We’ve covered a lot of ground in the past few days on our series on negotiating: remove the emotion, be patient and listen, be ready to compromise, and do your homework.

My final tip for negotiating: don’t fall in love. The minute you fall in love with a deal, you’re emotionally invested. And do you remember the first tip for negotiating? Remove the emotion.

I am always ready to walk away from a deal, and that’s awfully hard to do when one is emotionally invested. If you can’t help but fall in love with a deal, know that that’s a good point to bring in a colleague or outside partner who can be objective. Listen to more about this by clicking on the play button above.

We hope you’ve found these five tips for negotiating interesting and keep them in mind. I’ve enjoyed sharing them, and thanks again to Roshini Rajkumar and WCCO Radio for inviting me to discuss one of my favorite topics.


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