5 Tips: The Art of Negotiating-Tip #1: Remove the Emotion.

Negotiating can be a daunting process in almost any circumstance. Whether you’re in negotiations over something fairly straightforward – say, buying a car – or hammering out the terms of a major deal, such as selling your family business, it’s a process few of us are comfortable with handling. And that’s a shame, because there’s often much at stake.

That’s why I’m sharing more about my approach to negotiations. I’ve always loved negotiating, and my career has given me ample opportunities to hone this passion. But I know that’s not the case for most people. For the next five days, we’ll highlight tips for anyone who finds themselves making a deal, based on my recent interview on the topic with Roshini Rajkumar on WCCO Radio. My hope is that these ideas and approaches will be food for thought the next time a deal is on the table.

My first piece of advice for negotiating: Remove the emotion. Click on the play button above to hear more, and stay tuned for tomorrow’s tip.


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