You Deserve an Advocate

JNBA is proud to announce that this month, our independent, fee-only wealth management firm will be adding Advocate to our name; we will now be known as JNBA Financial Advocates. With just a six-letter change, our name and identity now reflect an approach that we have unwaveringly embraced since our inception in 1979. The move reinforces the groundbreaking advocacy-first philosophy started by my mother-in-law, Judith Brown, when she founded the firm 40 years ago. Really, the addition of “advocates” to our name represents who we’ve been all along.

The word “advocates” resonates with me on a personal level, as well. I recognized just how big an impact a financial advisor can have on someone’s life many years ago, well before I started working in the industry. My father was a private practice physician and he was busy. He put a great deal of faith in his so called “trusted advisors” believing that they were actually putting his interests ahead of their own. But when my father died suddenly more than 20 years ago, my mother and I really needed someone to help us navigate what came next, and the financial advisors we were working with at the time simply weren’t there for us.

I believed then as I do now that the role of a financial advisor should be one of a partner who’s involved in a client’s whole life, not just helping them manage their portfolio. Certainly a sound investment strategy is key, but it can only take a client so far. When an advisor really becomes a trusted partner and truly starts to understand a client’s hopes and dreams, goals and objectives, challenges and opportunities – that’s when you can really work together and create a plan to make a difference and not only meet, but also exceed those objectives. You need to plan ahead. After life events like death, retirement, or disability, it’s often too late to lay the groundwork for future financial security by drafting estate documents or taking out insurance. I strongly believe that a financial advisor can – and should – play a huge role in helping you get where you want to be in life.

We firmly believe that people deserve an advocate — not just for their money, but for their goals and biggest decisions. Someone who is independent. Someone you know is sitting on the same side of the table as you, even when you’re not in the same room. We also believe investors deserve the best level of service and the highest level of thinking when it comes to investment management and comprehensive financial planning — all put together by a team that really cares deeply about you. In addition to working with individual clients, we also put our advocacy-first approach into action with our specialized Family Office Advisory Team. The team works with high-net-worth, high-profile families, including businesspeople and professional athletes to ensure every aspect of a client’s financial well-being – from wealth management to philanthropy to household administration to reputation management – is understood and managed effectively.

I’m proud to share that JNBA is being recognized for this advocacy-first philosophy, which is stronger than ever. Last month, JNBA and our Chairman and CEO Richard Brown were ranked by Barron’s as Minnesota’s top financial advisor for 2018. And for the ninth consecutive year, he and JNBA were named to Barron’s list of the 1,200 top advisors in the country.

To our clients and community, I’d like to say thank you for allowing JNBA Financial Advocates be your advocates for 40 years, and we’re looking forward to what the next four decades will bring!