JNBA Intern Perspectives

This past summer, JNBA became home to four interns. “We started the summer uncertain about what to expect. On our first day, we met the team, and by the end of the summer, everyone felt like family.

During the summer we received exposure to every part of the company and truly saw what it takes to function as a Registered Investment Advisor that puts their clients first.

Throughout the summer the finance interns participated in different modules that covered the core areas of JNBA’s service model: client services, financial planning, and investments. These modules all lead up to the development of a final financial plan that the interns presented to the entire team.

For marketing initiatives, we worked on various projects that had been planned for the summer. These projects ranged from posting blogs and social media to generating reports on our recent client satisfaction study to sending out our quarterly newsletter.

Even though we are leaving JNBA, the experiences and teachings will stick with us throughout our entire careers. We can’t thank JNBA enough for the opportunity to learn what it takes to succeed in the financial industry.”