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Check, check and check: Financial planning checklists for major life events

Taking stock of your financial position and future can be overwhelming. That’s why JNBA Financial Advisors has created a series of straightforward financial checklists for those key moments and decisions in your life. The purpose of these checklists is to provide guidance on a number of key activities that will help move you in the right direction toward your financial goals or enhance your current game plan.

These more than 20 checklists are helpful tools and resources to assist you in setting concrete financial objectives, from pre-retirement planning to getting married, from transitioning careers to applying for Social Security.

The current list of checklist resources includes:

  • Getting Started
  • Pre-retirement Checklist
  • End-of-life Planning
  • Getting Divorced
  • Applying for Social Security
  • Medicare & Medicaid
  • Investment Basics
  • Buying a Home
  • Estate Planning
  • Birth or Adoption of a Child
  • Getting Married
  • Credit Report & Scores
  • Financial Planning for Every Stage
  • Financial Planning in your 20s
  • Financial Planning in your 30s
  • Financial Planning in your 40s
  • Financial Planning in your 50s
  • Financial Planning in your 60s
  • Insurance Review
  • Transitioning Careers
  • Recommended Documents to Retain for your Records

These checklists are designed to help you take stock of your financial position, save for retirement, plan your estate and more. Download the comprehensive checklists at

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