The Quarterly – Executive Corner

President Kim Brown is actively involved in the asset management and comprehensive planning process for every client.

For me one of the best things about living in Minnesota is the changing seasons. There is something about seeing the snow melt, buds on the trees, and the daffodils peeking at us that brings me joy. There also seems to be a fresh burst of energy in the air.

I know all of us at JNBA are feeling that energy. We have on-boarded several new team members which we are really excited about. We have once again been recognized by Barron’s as a top advisory team. And, our client retention rate remains constant at or above 96.5% since we began tracking it back 2001! We are so grateful for that.

The opportunity to deliver a great client experience is where we get our energy. It’s what drives our team. Whether it’s college planning, investing, retirement planning, tax help, estate planning – whatever the need – it’s rewarding to know that there are people who count on us and for whom we can make a real difference. We thank you for that.

Maybe it’s just me, but more and more I see people and companies forgetting what it means to treat and value clients with great consideration. I personally have had some rather awful consumer experiences recently in which I’ve been left speechless. That’s not the JNBA way, and it never will be, thanks to our remarkable and caring team. We are fortunate our proven track record, independence, and philosophy attracts people who are looking for more – a higher standard of delivering solutions and service.

Our goal is to deliver that high standard. In the next few months we will be doing a confidential client survey. We look forward to your feedback as it is what helps us learn and grow and continue to meet and even exceed your expectations. Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete it. And as always, thank you for allowing us to serve as your trusted financial advisory team.

Happy spring!

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